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Theobromine Content of Beverages

Information taken from research conducted by
The U.K. Food Standards Agency
(All figures approximate)
Coffee Cola Drinks
   Standard instant 0.5-2.5mg / 1.6g    Standard (diet and regular) – (less than 0.1)
   Decaffeinated instant 0.5/0.5mg / 1.6g    Decaffeinated – (less than 0.1)
   Filter and percolated 0.5mg / 2.6g
   Miscellaneous** 6.3-9.4mg / varies All Energy Drinks
   Contains caffeine and guarana ND*-0.4mg
Teas (imported tea)    Contains caffeine only ND*-0.4mg
   Bags 10-31mg / bag    Contains guarana only ND*-0.6mg
   Loose 6-7mg / 1.6g    Contains no caffeine or guarana ND*-6.2mg
   Decaffeinated/low-caffeine bags 15.0-26.5mg / bag
   Instant 8.1-10.3mg / avg. portion Miscellaneous**** – (less than 0.1)
   Miscellaneous*** 6.3-9.4mg / varies