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Asian Teapot and Tea References

We at Holy Mountain have found the following books and reference materials on the subject of Asian teapots and tea to be helpful and of interest:

ALL THE TEA IN CHINA, by Kit Chow & Ione Kramer, 1990. Published by China Books and Periodicals, Inc., 2929 – 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. Extremely informative overview of Chinese tea culture.

ANCIENT CHINESE TEA WARES, by Gerard C. C. Tsang et al. Hong Kong, 1994. 240 pp. 100 color illustrations. 29x21cm. Paper. Catalog in English and Chinese of an exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, featuring 100 pieces selected from the collection of the National Museum of History in Beijing. These tea bowls, ewers, cauldrons, braziers, teapots, canisters, etc., range in date from 420 to 1911.

CHINESE CERAMIC TEA VESSELS, by John Ayers. The K. S. Lo Collection, Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware. Hong Kong, 1991. 359 pp. 200 color plates and illustrations. Bibliography, appendix. 31×24 cm. Cloth. Text in Chinese and English. 200 objects are described and discussed in far greater detail than in earlier publications. Also includes essays on tea and tea-making in China, as recorded in texts, paintings and artifacts.

CHINESE WORKS OF ART – YIXING TEAPOTS, by the Chang Foundation. Taipei, 1990. 192 pp. 107 color plates and illustrations. 31x22cm. Cloth, slip case. 108 teapots in Yixing pottery, including some by the most famous potters. Preface by James Spencer. Text in English and Chinese.

COLLECTIVE WORKS BY CONTEMPORARY YIXING ZISHA MASTERS, by Lui Peijin et al. ed. Hong Kong, 1991. 406 pp. Profusely illustrated throughout in color. 29x28cm. Cloth. Luxurious publication on Yixing pottery, based on some of the exhibits displayed at the Rare Treasures of China Exhibition in Hong Kong. 541 objects by 167 potters are illustrated and discussed, both in English and Chinese.

EXHIBITION OF CHINESE TEA WARE, by Lady de Hoghton. Yi Xing Purple Clay. London, 1986. 22pp. 20 black/white illustrations. 30×21 cm. Paper. The catalog of an exhibition held at Hoghton Tower in Lancashire. The pots illustrated date from the 18th century to the 20th century.

INNOVATIONS IN CONTEMPORARY YIXING POTTERY, by K. S. Lo et al. Zisha Chunhua: Dangdai Yixing Taoyi. Hong Kong, 1988. 271 pp. 196 color plates and illustrations. Numerous seal reproductions. 29×22 cm. Exhibition catalog from the Hong Kong Museum of Art of Yixing pottery and ceramics by contemporary Chinese potters. Includes description of potting and manufacturing.

K. S. LO COLLECTION IN THE FLAGSTAFF HOUSE MUSEUM OF TEA WARE, by K. S. Lo. Hong Kong, 1984. 209 pp. 413 illustrations, 180 in colour, 2 vols. 25x22cm. Paper. Part 1 contains all items in K.S. Lo’s collection of tea ware, except for Yixing ware; Part 2 contains the purple clay or zisha of the Yixing ware.

K. S. LO COLLECTION IN THE FLAGSTAFF HOUSE MUSEUM OF TEA WARE, PART 2, by K. S. Lo. Hong Kong, 1984. 209 pp. 271 objects illustrated, 90 in color, numerous potters’ marks, text-figures. 26x22cm. Paper. This volume on the K. S. Lo collection consists entirely of Yixing ware, with a brief historical introduction.

TEA, HEAVEN ON EARTH, by William Woodworth. Printed in the USA, 1994. Published by Griffin Printing, Sacramento, CA. Compact but comprehensive overview of global tea culture, with favorite tea food recipes.

TEA LOVERS’ TREASURY, by James Norwood Pratt. Hong Kong, 1982. Published by Cole Group, Inc., 1330 N. Dutton Ave., Suite 103, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. Entertaining and well-written, about tea and teapots in general, highly recommended.

NEW TEA LOVERS’ TREASURY, by James Norwood Pratt. Korea, 1999. Published by Publishing Technology Associates, 79 Liberty, San Francisco, CA 94110. Updated and expanded new edition of the classic true story of tea, highly recommended.

TETSUBIN, A JAPANESE WATER KETTLE, by P. L. W. Arts. 1987. 8vo, xiii, 438 pp. text plus 190 b/w illustrations, appendices, notes, bibliography, glossary, index, cloth. The first scholarly and systematic study on Tetsubin.

THE ART OF THE YIXING POTTER: THE K.S. LO COLLECTION, FLAGSTAFF HOUSE MUSEUM OF TEA WARE, organized by the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, Hong Kong Museum of Art. Phoenix Art Museum, 1990. Published by Urban Council, Hong Kong. 250 pp. with 317 illustrations (247 in color) and 194 color reference illustrations. 31 x 25 cm. Written in both English and Chinese. Hardcover. Unfortunately, this book is currently out of print.

THE PEONY PAVILION COLLECTION: CHINESE TEA CERAMICS FOR JAPAN, (c. 1580-1650) by Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd. London, 1989. 124 pp. Numerous illustrations in color. 26×21 cm. Cloth. Catalog of a unique private collection of the specialized types of late Ming Chinese export ceramics made for the Japanese market, formed by one family over six generations. Possibly the most varied and instructive study group of such wares to appear in the West.

THE STONEWARES OF YIXING: FROM THE MING PERIOD TO THE PRESENT DAY, by K. S. Lo. December 1986. Hardcover. Published by Sotheby Parke Bernet Publishers.

THE STORY OF TEA: A CULTURAL HISTORY AND DRINKING GUIDE, by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss. China, 2007. Published by Ten Speed Press, P.O. Box 7123, Berkeley, CA 94707. A sweeping treatise that will serve as required reading for generations of professionals and consumers seeking to expand their knowledge of tea.

TEA, A MAGAZINE, published by Olde English Tea Company, Inc., 3 Devotion Road, P.O. Box 348, Scotland, CT 06262 Magazine devoted to tea and teapots; Issue No. 8, Sept./Oct. 1996, has cover article on Yixing clay teapots.

VIETNAMESE AND CHINESE CERAMICS USED IN THE JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY, by Honda, Hiromu & Noriki Shimazu, The Asia Collection. Singapore, 1993. 232 pp. 277 color illustrations. Map. 26×20 cm. Assembled over a decade by the authors, the collection covers ceramics made in Vietnam from pre-Christian days until the 16th century, and Chinese porcelain and stoneware of the 16th and 17th century.

YIXING POTTERY, organized and published by Urban Council, Hong Kong. Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1981. 180 pp. with 438 illustrations (119 in color). 26 x 22 cm. Written in both English and Chinese. Paperback. Unfortunately, this book is currently out of print.

YIXING PURPLE CLAY WARES, by the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware. The K.S. Lo Collection. Hong Kong, 1994. 182 pp. 118 objects illustrated in color, some text illustrations in color. 28x22cm. Paper. Catalog of a traveling exhibition of 118 teapots and other implements. Introductory essay by Anita Y.F. Wong on the Yixing wares in the K.S. Lo collection. Index with potters’ names and dates. English and Chinese texts.