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Care and Use of Lacquerware

We offer high quality lacquerware products that are designed and manufactured in our supplier’s facility. The lacquer process used is a traditional Chinese method, a hand-poured lacquer done in layers and polished out. When they are making a lacquer box, each side has to be done individually, hand polished out, and this can be several times based upon the materials that they use. Since it is a hand craft, the lacquering process is done the way it was traditionally done in China which is different from other Asian lacquering processes.

The lacquer that our products use is impervious to water and to alcohol; it’s also heat-resistant to a degree. You can set your hot teacup on a serving tray and not worry about it. A glass of wine is not going to affect the surface.

The surface is easily cleaned by simply using a plain cotton cloth. To really polish the surface when it needs to be given a new look and new finish, we use Turtle Wax™, a lacquer car care product.