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Guranse Organic Tea

Nepalese tea is grown almost exclusively by smallholders, which facilitates better quality control. Guranse Tea Estate covers 250 hectares situated in the eastern hills of Nepal at an altitude of 3,300 feet to 7,300 feet, one of the highest-altitude tea estates in the world. The unique climate consists of crystal cool, crisp breezes from Mount Everest and Mount Makalu, glorious sunshine, breathtaking mist and vigorous monsoon rains. All these factors come together to create premium high-grown Himalayan organic orthodox black teas full of delectable muscatel flavor with rich aroma, bright infusion and stylish appearance.

The Guranse tea plantation was started in 1990 after consultation with tea plantation experts who extensively studied China clones created to perfectly suit the climate in accordance with the altitude of the plantation field. The tea bushes in the Guranse garden are young 100 percent organic China clonal bushes (as opposed to those started from seeds) arranged in artistically terraced hills layered down the hillsides as far as the eye can see.

Guranse teas are made of two leaves and a bud meticulously plucked by skilled hands. The Guranse tea estate processes approximately 66,000 pounds of black tea per year, some from a cooperative of 73 tea farmers tending small plots in extremely remote areas.

The tea is 100 percent organic produced from pure agricultural soil and biologically perfect, ecologically balanced and agronomically controlled methods of plant and animal care. NASAA, Australia (accredited to IFOAM and AQIS) renews the Organic license upon annual physical inspection of the tea estate. Guranse Tea Estate has obtained ISO 9001:2000 Certificate from TUV Rheinland, Germany. Their operating production system is managed by experts having 32 years’ experience in the premium tea making art which promises quality and consistency in the tea’s character. Their blending facility keeps herbs and spices separate from the tea, divided by concrete walls, creating a completely clean room where tea can be blended using both art and science.

Guranse Tea Estate was awarded an Honor Certificate at China’s 1999 International Tea Exposition for its winning tea character, superb taste, aroma and infusion.