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With the naming of teas -- as with so much else in this life -- it seem best to begin with breakfast. Over a hundred years ago in Scotland a man named Drysdale went into the specialty tea business within sight of the castle of Edinburgh and offered a tea called Breakfast. The firm is still there and still so Scottish they sell refills for their tins. And they still sell the only tea on the market called simply Breakfast and nothing more, probably reasoning that Scots have little need of English or Irish breakfasts, after all, and at that time of day want to be told nothing more than which blend of teas makes a good eye-opener.
-- from James Norwood Pratt's Tea Lover's Treasury © 1982

English Breakfast
A mixture of fine Ceylon, Darjeeling and Keemun teas, this classic blend brews a strong cup, full-bodied, fragrant and sweet. Drunk with a drop of milk to go with toast, honey and jam, this tea is enjoyable throughout the day. Steep at a water temperature just below boiling.
B-EB-1S English Breakfast, 1 oz. Price: $2.25  
B-EB-1a English Breakfast, 1/4 lb. Price: $7  
B-EB-1b English Breakfast, 1 lb. Price: $21  

Irish Breakfast
Our classic blend of India Assam FOP and Chinese Yunnan teas produces a full-flavored liquor stronger than an English Breakfast. It is drunk with or without sugar and milk. Steep at a water temperature just below boiling.
B-IB-1S Irish Breakfast, 1 oz. Price: $2.25  
B-IB-1a Irish Breakfast, 1/4 lb. Price: $7  
B-IB-1b Irish Breakfast, 1 lb. Price: $21  

Russian Caravan
Although the last camel caravan carrying tea for Russia left Peking in 1900, this tea blend remains as popular as ever. This smooth tea is a mixture of Ceylon OP with a touch of Lapsang Souchong which imparts a striking aroma with smoky aftertaste. Steep at a water temperature just below boiling.
B-RC-1S Russian Caravan, 1 oz. Price: $1.50  
B-RC-1a Russian Caravan, 1/4 lb. Price: $5  
B-RC-1b Russian Caravan, 1 lb. Price: $15  

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