Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of love and beauty, was born from the churning of the Sea of Milk, one of the fourteen precious things which that event produced. She is the wife of Vishnu and rides with him on the back of Garuda, king of the birds. Although very popular, for she bringst good fortune and prosperity, she has no separate cult of her own. Lakshmi always appears perfumed, beautifully dressed and adorned. She is also known as Sri, and she was reincarnated as Sita and Rukmini, consort of Krishna.

Lakshmi in the Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses is personified as the goddess of wealth and fortune and also as the embodiment of liveliness, grace and charm. She is often depicted seated on a lotus flower though sometimes she is also seen as standing on a lotus. In her pictures gold coins are seen dropping down from the palms of this goddess of prosperity. Since she was born seated on the lotus flower, she is also called Padma. She has always appeared as Vishnu's partner in every incarnation, his most faithful companion of life. Lakshmi has other names such as Loka-Mata (World's mother), Chanchala (the fickle fortune), Jaladhi-ja (the ocean-born), and Hari Priya (beloved of Vishnu). The goddess is invoked to bless the devotee with good things of life, and if somebody suffers any loss in business, it is said that the goddess Lakshmi has left his house. Her figure is sometimes depicted on the doors of homes to bring good luck and to drive away evil influences. The new moon night of November is dedicated for her annual ceremony.