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White and Yellow Teas

Yellow-hued with a distinctive mellow flavor, white teas are high in antioxidants. The teas are produced from buds and leaves that are steamed and dried without being rolled or fired.

Ceylonese White Tea.

Ceylon Silvertips, Private Reserve
This rare private reserve Ceylonese white tea from the Qew Garden Estate of Sri Lanka's renowned Dimbula area is high-grown at 5,000 feet. The handpicked well-formed downy needles have a crisp, fresh fragrance in the dry leaf and brew a clear golden liquor with characteristic Ceylonese aroma, delicate but full flavor and a nice finish. Steep with the water temperature well below boiling, infusing one to three minutes.
W-CS-1S Ceylon Silvertips, Private Reserve, 1/2 oz. Price: $5.50  
W-CS-1a Ceylon Silvertips, Private Reserve, 1/4 lb. Price: $36  
W-CS-1b Ceylon Silvertips, Private Reserve, 1 lb. Price: $130  

China White and Yellow Teas.

The white and yellow leaf teas of Fujian and Anhui provinces in China are highly prized. Rare, expensive and available only in small quantities, these teas were imperial treasures from the Song Dynasty through the Great Qing Dynasty (1644-1912 A.D.), and sometimes were referred to as the Emperor's Tea.

White Yunnan Mao Feng
This spring-picked white tea from Yunnan province has long leaves with an abundance of silver tips. Completely processed by hand, the dry leaves yield a pale golden liquor with a fresh, slightly fruity flavor. A long steep at a low water temperature will bring out the more flavorful notes of this hand-crafted tea.
W-YMF-1S White Yunnan Mao Feng, 1 oz. Price: $2.50  
W-YMF-1a White Yunnan Mao Feng, 1/4 lb. Price: $8  
W-YMF-1b White Yunnan Mao Feng, 1 lb. Price: $24  

Mutan White Tea. Mutan White
This spring-picked white tea from Fukien province consists of buds and leaf. It's completely processed by hand, is sweet and mild. After picking, the unrolled leaf is simply dried. The leaf shows some silver tip but is predominantly greenish-brown in color and very flat. A long steep at a low water temperature will bring out the more flavorful notes of this delightful tea.
W-MW-1S Mutan White, 1/2 oz. Price: $1.75  
W-MW-1a Mutan White, 1/4 lb. Price: $10  
W-MW-1b Mutan White, 1 lb. Price: $30  

Drum Mountain White Cloud (Gushan Baiyun) Tea. Drum Mountain White Cloud (Gushan Baiyun)
This white tea from the Fujian province is grown on the fabled "cloud-and-mist" mountain top where the intrepid English tea explorer and legend, Sir Robert Fortune, set foot in the 19th century. In his time, monks at the historic Buddist Drum Mountain Monastery traditionally grew this tea. This is a classic example of a high-grade white peony -- smooth, sweet and fragrant, with a soft nut-like flavor. It benefits from a long steep with water well below boiling.
W-DMWC-1S Drum Mountain White Cloud, 1/2 oz. Price: $1.75  
W-DMWC-1a Drum Mountain White Cloud, 1/4 lb. Price: $12  
W-DMWC-1b Drum Mountain White Cloud, 1 lb. Price: $40  

Yunnan Silver Needle
This white tea from Yunnan province consists of beautiful, long silvery needles. It yields a pale liquor with a fresh, mellow taste that stands up to repeated infusions, and benefits from a long steep with water well below boiling.
W-YSN-1S Yunnan Silver Needle, 1/2 oz. Price: $1.75  
W-YSN-1a Yunnan Silver Needle, 1/4 lb. Price: $12  
W-YSN-1b Yunnan Silver Needle, 1 lb. Price: $40  

Organic White Melon (Pai Mutan)
This quality white tea from Fuding county in China’s Fujian province is subtly scented with melon. It benefits from a long steep with water well below boiling.
W-OWM-1S Organic White Melon (Pai Mutan), 1/2 oz. Price: $1.75  
W-OWM-1a Organic White Melon (Pai Mutan), 1/4 lb. Price: $12  
W-OWM-1b Organic White Melon (Pai Mutan), 1 lb. Price: $40  

Organic Huoshan Yellow Sprouting
From southwest Anhui province comes this rare organic yellow tea, grown in the Huo Mountains in an environment of pure air and water. This tea with bright green budsets brews a golden liquor with astringent aftertaste. Steep with water temperature well below boiling, infusing one to three minutes.
W-HYS-1S Organic Huoshan Yellow Sprouting,
1/2 oz.
Price: $3  
W-HYS-1a Organic Huoshan Yellow Sprouting,
1/4 lb.
Price: $18  
W-HYS-1b Organic Huoshan Yellow Sprouting,
1 lb.
Price: $65  
Silver Needle White Tea.
Silver Needle "Yinzhen"
Truly the finest of all white teas, this Silver Needle tea is grown in Zhenghe in Fujian province, the center of white tea production in China. Only spring-picked buds, laid out on mats and air dried, are used to make the Silver Needle. It is one of the most beautiful teas with its white, downy appearance. Its taste is delicate, yet pronounced, with a long balanced sweetness. It benefits from a long infusion at a water temperature well below boiling.
W-SN-1S Silver Needle "Yinzhen", 1/2 oz. Price: $4  
W-SN-1a Silver Needle "Yinzhen", 1/4 lb. Price: $27  
W-SN-1b Silver Needle "Yinzhen", 1 lb. Price: $98  

India White Tea.

Silver Needle Darjeeling, Rohoni Estate
Situated in picturesque Kurseong South in Darjeeling, Rohoni Estate produces an attractive high-grown Silver Needle white tea. The slender downy leaves produce a tawny golden liquor with subtle Darjeeling aroma, delicate fullness and spicy aftertaste. Infuse at a water temperature well below boiling.
W-SND-1S Silver Needle Darjeeling, 1/2 oz. Price: $4.50  
W-SND-1a Silver Needle Darjeeling, 1/4 lb. Price: $32  
W-SND-1b Silver Needle Darjeeling, 1 lb. Price: $120  

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