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At Holy Mountain, we’ve searched the world to bring you the finest selection of rare full-leaf loose teas for sale from China, Japan, India, Nepal and other countries. These fine full-leaf gourmet teas offer a wealth of flavorful experiences that enhance your everyday meals, carry you through stressful days, and soothe the spirit. Choose from our selected varieties of loose leaf green teas, black teas, organic teas, and herbal teas to suit your taste and your mood.

Organically Sourced.
Beautifully Served

Organic teas are the ones that are grown in tea estates with absolutely no chemical inputs or artificial fertilizers. Nutrition for the tea bushes is provided by the use of Vermiculture and large scale application of compost and oil cakes. All pest and disease control is carried out by purely natural methods of cultivation. Compost, neem cake and castor cake are dug into trenches to enhance the soil. In addition, neem acts as a natural insect repellent. All of our organic teas are certified by the USDA to meet the rigorous standards set by its National Organic Program (NOP). They utilize a hundred Accredited Certifying Agents (ACAs) to implement testing programs, both domestic and international. The soil in the applicant estates is carefully inspected throughout the year by the ACAs. A new estate receives a certificate that says organic in transit for the first three years of its conversion. After the three-year period a regular organic certification is issued. Certificates are reissued every year after inspections.

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Black tea aroma inhalation’s influence upon stress

The impact of tea aroma inhalation has not been as extensively researched as the effect of tea drinking with various mental health benefits. As published in a recent study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, a team of researchers at the University of...

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