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Joy and glory! Your package has arrived on Saturday. Everything has arrived safely – thanks again for your A+ wrapping techniques! 🙂

The Lithuanian Customs inspected the parcel and even unwrapped the square Pu-erh brick. Brick tea is virtually unknown in Lithuania, and sounds generally as weird as ‘brick wine’ for a Frenchman. Apparently it caused some confusion to the Customs by resembling the pictures of controlled substances from customs textbooks. 🙂

I spent the weekend enjoying your teas, and was most impressed with their quality. Perhaps the very fact that I go through the trouble and expense of ordering them across the Atlantic compliments your company better than any words. 🙂

I shall be contacting you as soon as my stock decreases.

Erikas Slavenas

Vilniaus Dailes Akademija, Lithuania

This very pleasant, informative and thoughtful message only confirms what I said to the person who took my order: I have been gladly referring many friends and students who share an interest in Chinese culture to your website. I have thoroughly — as I am this very minute, while grading! — enjoyed the teas I ordered last summer, along with my YiXing teapot … and I know that my niece, Kristin, will appreciate her teas. Frankly, THIS is how a business should be run! I congratulate you and look forward to further connection…
Dr. Charles L. Garrettson

History, philosophy, and the arts, The Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Holy Mountain is owned and run by totally honest, friendly, sociable people. First class merchandize. First class service. I know nothing about their teas in general, but the few I’ve purchased were very satisfactory. My interest in Holy Mountain is in its extensive array of tea things. My personal collection contains many, many of their tea pots: Yixing Clay, Japanese clay, Japanese porcelain, Chinese Jade, Japanese tetsubin, and all kinds of preparation and serving tea things. I just sent a Japanese teapot and teacup set to friends in Finland and everything arrived without breakage.

Their pot styles range from replicas of antiques pots to completely modern pots which would look nice in contemporary American, Scandinavian, or Italian table settings.

They have all of the necessary things for making tea easy to steep.

And they have a huge information base which includes 4 galleries of collector-grade YiXing teapots dating from around 1996/7.

J. Kent Nielsen

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

I recently compared your Super-fine Dragon Well with Imperial Dragon Well from Imperial Tea Court of San Francisco. You’ll be happy to know, as I was, that I liked yours better. The Imperial Dragon Well looks a little more fresh and green when infused in the cup, and it has more of the vegetal taste that some people–such as James Norwood Pratt (judging from comments in his book)–like in a Dragon Well. However, I found your Super-fine Dragon Well to be more slightly fragrant and to have more of the nutty taste that I like in a Dragon Well. This was good news to me, since your Super-fine Dragon Well is almost one-third the price of Imperial Dragon Well!

Thank you for recommending Lu Zhen to me. It’s now my second favorite green tea, next to Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist I find that Lu Zhen has a rich, almost chocolate-like fragrance and taste—remarkable in a green tea. Like Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist, it’s unlike anything else I’ve tried.

I’ve already praised Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist to you, and I don’t know how else to explain why it’s my favorite tea, except to say that its qualities are so unique that they can’t be compared to any other taste or fragrance, and they place this tea in a category all its own. It can’t be described, only tasted. Perhaps one reason I like it so much is because I’m a monk, and this tea was originally developed and cultivated by monks. But it’s not just the knowledge of the origin of this tea that makes it special to me; it’s the tea itself.

I look forward to trying your Lu Shan Yun Wu when you receive the spring crop in June. I hope it will be at least reminiscent of Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist.

In closing, I would like to thank you once again for your incredible work in making these rare teas available, and in presenting them in such a way as to bring out their historical and cultural context. As far as I can see, there’s no place in America that even comes close to you as a purveyor of teas.

Hieromonk Damascene

St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, California

You helped me with a gift purchase just before Christmas, and I wanted you to know that the Shisabi Komon (Antique Grey Komon) Teapot arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. Your suggestion that the teapot be sent Priority Mail, instead of normal surface shipping (at no extra cost) both placated my fears and ensured the teapot’s timely arrival. The teapot was of excellent quality, and exactly as depicted and described on your website. My brother was very pleased, as am I.

My brother has since placed (and received) an order for several of your teas, and reports that they are excellent, as well. I think you have another long-term customer.

Thanks again.

Matt Havard

The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas

The beautifully crafted Tosoki Kuro/Shu arrived in all its glory. Thank you so much for offering such a quality item. My son’s wedding will now be beautifully solemnized.
Satsuki Ina

Professor Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento, California

Want to thank you both for kindness and excellent customer service over the years.

I ADORE your teas!

It is a pleasure doing business with you ????????

Ina Steidle

Teacher, Suncoast High School, Riviera Beach, Florida

Happy Customers

Consistently impressed

I placed an order with your company late Monday afternoon. I am now enjoying part of that order, (some of the tastiest Dragon Phoenix pearls ever !!), just three days later, across country. I am no longer surprised but am consistently impressed with, not just the unrivaled quality of teas, but also the prompt and courteous service so becoming to such a longstanding tradition. Hope we can do business again, soon. — Phillip Little, Saint Augustine, Florida

Consistently wonderful service

I also would like to add a *big* thank-you for the consistently wonderful service, teas and prices you have offered. I’ve been ordering tea from you for quite a while now and have always been happy.

Thank-you — Tom Parker, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Never once disappointed

I’m not sure when I placed my first order with Holy Mountain, but it’s gotta be coming up on 20 years. I lived in Minneapolis back then. I just wanted to say thank you for the many years of consistently fabulous service.

My orders have waxed and waned over the years, but never once have I been disappointed with an order from Holy Mountain. I’ve had two our your fountains, gifts for friends and family, a whole collection of yixing tea pots, tea canisters, saki cups, and countless wonderful teas. All with a price/quality ratio that’s made me quick to recommend Holy Mountain to friends, and kept me from ever wanting to explore other vendors.

I haven’t encountered many shops who can keep that up year-after-year.

Thank you — Tom Parker, Anchorage, Alaska